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A special light burns inside the Dog Chapel throughout the

New England Golden Jubilee

in remembrance of some of the

 Golden Retrievers who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

We remember them here, as well..

Ginger, Sailor, Ella, Mariah, Mocha, Skippy.

Legacy. Mercedes, Legend, Spice, Chambord,

Delta, Velcro, Chance, Brie, Maddie, YuGi, Sunkist, Sawyer,

Humble, Chloe, Mica, Moose, Buddy, Bruizer,

Jake, Rosie, Cindy, Marley, Zoe, Daisy,

Lucky, Sprocket, Molly Mae, Pizzelle, Sully,

River, Paddington, Tucker, Ebby, Jackson, Maxwell,

Miss Twiggy, Connor, Pilot, Hero Chaser, Libby, Luke,

Jake, Casey, Brandy, Daisy, Shelby, Annie, Goldie, Jackson,

Merle, Mel, Riley, Hero Gatsby, Kenzie, Murphy, Pistachio, Daisy,

Beau, George, Texas, Cooper, Nutmeg, Bowie, Butters, Lalah, Pebbles,

Maya, Ty, Maddie, Hero Dulce, Sophie, Hero Sammie, Daisy Mae, Sasha,

Boma, Hero Toby, Hero Carly, Cody, Moe and Miss Kaylee

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